Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey....

Should be renamed Fifty Shades of CRAP.

I will admit, I was curious after hearing about the rave reviews regarding Fifty Shades of Grey. I bought the book only knowing that the story revolved around a romance between two complicated characters. Complicated?? NOT SO MUCH.

Anastasia- I am sorry, but I simply don't buy into the naivety that she constantly emanates. The girl is 21 years old and has absolutely NO sexual experiences whatsoever?? Okay, maybe this is possible. BUT, she is totally willing to enter into this disturbing sexual relationship with this man?? Ridiculous!!

Speaking of ridiculous, the repetitive over-the-top descriptions of this man made me giggle at the absurdity! I believe at some point he was compared to "dark chocolate covered caramel"! HAHA! Perhaps I'm off on this particular quote, but I'm not willing to go back through the book to find out. I laughed out loud at these comical, unbelievable descriptions.

If for no other reason, I HAD to put the book down due to the absolutely DULL thought processes of this girl. If I had to read "Oh my" or "Holy crap" or "Holy ****" one more time, I might throw my kindle. Honestly, the writing was consistantly redundant, right up until the last "hitched breath". Oh, and clearly we all clamber into and out of everything (i.e. hellicopters, cars, the bed, etc).
TERRIBLE writing. How anyone can read this story and call it "quality" is beyond me.

Another absurd characteristic of Anastasia - why the subconconsious AND the inner goddess stream of thought??? Is Ana really schizophrenic? It seems there are at least three main characters wrapped up in one!

I despised Christian. His constant need to control her both in and outside of the room of pain was PAINFUL to read. And she complied simply because she supposedly loves him? Even though he isn't remotely interested in a relationship, but would rather OWN her?! Preposterous!

Thank goodness Amazon allows a kindle return policy, because I definitely wanted my money back 30% in to this garbage. NOT WORTH THE MONEY OR THE TIME. Unless you want your IQ lowered by the end of this book.

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  1. It looks like we had very similar reactions. I read the book for free. The idea of returning the book is a great one if you were unfortunate enough to have wasted money on it. Read my review if you like.